September 7, 2005


by Helen Hughes

Watching the recent election circus on National television, I can only marvel at the political propaganda machine now cranked up to roll out its "warm fuzzies", about how great this country is, how well this government is governing, and how deeply the Nanny State cares for all New Zealanders. How it plans to continue in its caring stance has had me close to dry retching! What hypocritical hog-wash! What deceitful "advertising" and campaigning.

In forcing the closure of small rural schools up and down the country, this government has hit at the very heart of families and communities in New Zealand. Hit at the very heart of those whom the State professes to care for so profoundly!

The Orauta community is one of the casualties of this enforced closure of country schools. The rights of individuals at Orauta school have been totally removed by our current political system, violating one of the most important basic principles of a free and civilised society. That is, the right of parents to choose the education they wish for their own children.

The Ministry of Education and its demands to close, de-register, empty and relocate the school the teachers and students of Orauta is completely contrary to the choices and rights of the parents and families concerned. The teachers at Orauta are highly qualified and the pupils who have been forced to go to other schools have proved to be of a standard of learning higher than most the same age. The school is not using government funds to operate and the teachers and Board of Trustees just want the government to leave them alone. The school is on their own land, which was given to the Crown for that specific purpose. They wish the school to remain open and to continue the education of their children without government interference.

On the afternoon of April 21st I walked onto the grounds of Orauta school for the first time. There was a certain sense of gravity surrounding the occasion. Julian Pistorius and I were there as representatives of the Libertarianz Party to give our support to the parents and teachers of Orauta in their stand against this government system that has brutishly trampled on their rights. The Libertarianz believe the government should not be controlling the education system nor forcing government standards and curricula upon parents who want to accept responsibility for the manner in which their children are educated.

We were standing together at the "coal face", on the "front line" of an ongoing fight against government tyranny, and the site certainly had the appearance of being prepared for the battle. Bureaucrats are using bribery, fear and force against this community in their efforts to close the school down.
The school gates were locked and the grounds patrolled by volunteers who ensured the security of the school twenty-four hours a day. Orders of trespass had already been served to the school Board of Trustees and bureaucratic bullies would have no qualms about moving in and locking the children and teachers out of the school if it was left unoccupied.

There was a makeshift "bivouac" set up outside the school gates for the parents, friends and family members to share as they maintained their vigil night and day. A tent, hay bales, some chairs and a brazier fire. The brazier had been kept burning during all the months of protest as a symbol of constancy, as well as a source of warmth for those who kept the watch, braving cold and often very wet weather.

I was feeling a bit out of my depth (and wearing the mantle of "politician" a little uncomfortably) on this, my first visit to Orauta, as we were formally greeted and welcomed onto the grounds of the school in the manner of traditional Maori culture and protocol. My discomfort was quickly removed by our shared genuine concerns with those who spoke of their grievances against the government and the warmth and generosity of the people we met that afternoon. In the months since then it has been a great privilege to get to know the parents and families who are involved in the school and a rich personal experience to have been working and teaching there myself. Breaking the government chains that bind and shape the minds of children and continuing to keep the school open against such great odds has made Orauta school a very special place of learning, for teachers and pupils alike.

In the months since then, sitting in the school's "staff room" with parents and teachers, with steaming cups of tea and platters of wonderful food produced magically by caring family members, we have dared to dream that the day will come when New Zealand children will be free to learn and reach their full potential without the poisonous political indoctrination and the social engineering that is the existing government education system.

Trevor Mallard and his Ministry of Education's appalling policy to close so many rural schools similar to Orauta has been the death knell for a number of small communities and a triumph for the government run system of education. A system designed to churn out a robotic, non thinking population conditioned to accept government controls and state supremacy. While up here in Northland recently, Helen Clark was asked about the situation at Orauta and stonily answered "The decision will not be revisited."

Is the destruction of communities, families and human potential this government's true agenda? Is this destruction of rights just "collateral damage" factored into the budget juggling without the true human cost registered as being of any real importance?

If some of our neighbours have their rights removed today and the rest of us remain silent, surely and silently our rights will be removed tomorrow.

So, all you good people, stir yourselves, take action and stop this evil in its tracks! Vote Libertarianz in this coming election to get schools out of the clutches of the bureaucrats and back into the hands of parents.Vote Libertarianz and show this government that New Zealanders have had enough of immoral bureaucratic interference, bureaucratic bullying and the persecution of innocent people.

Arohanui to the wonderful Whaea and all the true heroes at Orauta school who continue to stand strong and resolute against this injustice. In working to reclaim the responsibility for the education of their children, reclaim their school and reclaim control of their lives from the clutches of the Nanny State these people fight not only for their own rights but for the rights of all New Zealanders.

"All that is essential for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke.1729-97)


by Helen Hughes



Do you know the story? (It is an oldie but a goodie.)

The Emperor needed to convince the people that he was wearing exquisite garments when he was, in fact, naked. Why? If he could convince the people he was wearing fine clothes then he could get them to believe anything! Seeing that the Emperor was naked but wanting to keep their jobs, officials went along with the scam. They encouraged the population to do the same, spinning propaganda to reinforce the delusion. Most of the people were totally deluded and were saying how splendid the Emperor looked in his new outfit. After all, the Emperor was their "leader", and a clever fellow; who were they, the mere populace to contradict him? Many people, knowing the Emperor was naked but not trusting their judgement against the "mainstream" opinion, went along with the farce and said nothing.

Does this sort of scam sound and feel familiar to you? Is it ringing any bells?

This is what is happening here, in New Zealand.

Look carefully at this latest election circus and let the scales fall from your eyes! You are being deluded by the "spin" of officials who want to keep their jobs. You are being convinced that you cannot possibly take care of yourselves and need "officials" to do it for you. You are being deluded by the millions of dollars poured into media spin and propaganda that constantly reinforces that idea.

We are educated by the government and convinced that we need this huge, expensive, umbersome and corrupt system to rule our lives. We are deluded into thinking that these strutting "officials" are the ones to take over the responsibility for our lives. Let's face the reality. "Officials" in one guise or another, take a lot of money out of your pocket, they keep stacks of it to maintain themselves in the manner they enjoy, then they dish the rest out to other people. Those who get a share of the "spoils" will continue to vote these politicians into power over your life again and again.


There was a young fellow in the story of "The Emperor's New Clothes" who knew the emperor was naked and he said so, opening the eyes of the "blinded" people who were following the delusion. If you have seen through the political spin then speak out, as he did. Tell these politicians that you no longer want them controlling your life. They are self confessed bullies, liars, forgers, frauds, molesters and thieves and you no longer want their morality making rules for your life. Tell them you have seen through the scam and you want them out of your face, out of your pocket and off your back. TELL THEM YOU WANT LESS GOVERNMENT AND MORE PERSONAL FREEDOM.

Make sure they hear you loud and clear.
Your vote counts.
Your vote is the only voice you have against this system.

Your voice will be added to the many who have seen the political scam for what it is and are calling for an end to this growing trend to socialism and tribalism in New Zealand perpetuated by this system of government and statist control.


September 1, 2005


by Helen Hughes

The September issue is out and available for download on the right side-bar, or here:

I discuss what I think is wrong with this government in plain language.

August 25, 2005


by Helen Hughes

Are YOU enjoying a Politically Incorrect Satisfying Smoke?

Are you having a P.I.S.S? Do you know someone else who is having a P.I.S.S?

Are YOU pissed off at this ridiculous tobacco ban that persecutes thousands of bar owners and cigarette smokers?

These laws that persecute innocent people and create "Nicotine Police" are disgusting. These laws are not "for our own good" as the politicians would fervently have us believe. These laws are for greater government control and government revenue gathering.

How can our government justify sending tobacco to New Zealand soldiers, getting them addicted to nicotine and then making it illegal for them to enjoy a cigarette with their mates at the R.S.A?? How can a government justify closing down legitimate and productive businesses?

This government system is corrupt. The politicians who make these laws and live off our money are self-confessed forgers, frauds, liars, bullies and child molesters.

Are YOU pissed off at the growing Politically Correct nonsense that allows ever increasing government interference in your life and ever increasing infringements on the individual rights of New Zealanders? Have you had enough of these politicians being in your face, in your pocket, in your life, on your back, in your bedrooms and making decisions for the use of your property?

This parasitic government scam and those who live and thrive on it at the expense of hard working, decent New Zealanders must be stopped.

The only answer to halt the growing state sponsored authoritarianism is to stop voting for it!


You DO have the power to stop this government in its track toward total tyranny.



July 22, 2005


by Helen Hughes

Most of us can buy our own food, organise our own children and take responsibility for what we do in life. Most of us have uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters and parents, and we would be better off looking after our own family and neighbours ourselves rather than having the government take our money and make an absolute mess of redistributing it.

Can you imagine how much better it would be if private charities and voluntary organizations, community groups and church groups (like the "Sallies") ran welfare instead of Nanny State? You would have a lot more money in your pocket and your money would be spent on those you wish to support!

Removing the enormous bureaucratic system of Nanny State funded welfare would reduce parliament to about twenty politicians, so they won't like this idea!

The Government would be responsible for the police, justice system and the defence force.

All we need is the basic law that you can't use force to make someone do something they do not wish to do, and the rest will follow.

June 6, 2005


by Helen Hughes

The fact that prohibition is a failure is well documented throughout history.

FACT: Prohibition created a war between the citizens and the government that was formed to govern and protect them.

FACT: Prohibition created the perfect environment for criminal gangs to flourish.

FACT: Prohibition did not stop people enjoying "illicit liquor" it just made them criminals for doing so.

FACT: Prohibition gives the prohibited substance an inflated "market" value.

FACT: Prohibition continues today. Here in New Zealand it costs you, me and every other productive person in this country, millions and millions of dollars every year to enforce.

FACT: Prohibition fills our prisons with people who have done nothing more than enjoy a substance the government has chosen to prohibit. Thousands of people are imprisoned for victimless crimes.

Prohibition removes the right of adults to make their own choices in life.

Prohibition removes the rights of business owners to trade with other adults as they wish. A perfect example of this happened recently with the rights of publicans being removed with the "Ban Smoking" laws and bureaucracy grew even bigger with the creation of "Nicotine Police".

Nanny State is systematically removing all the things we may choose to enjoy, and is robbing us blind while doing it - for our own good of course!

Nanny State is making all the choices for our lives from the cradle to the grave, and is seriously punishing any New Zealander who would dare to think for themselves - for our own good of course!

Nanny State will create more and more prohibited substances, such as natural herbal remedies, "party pills" and dietary supplements. Even now we are only able to use medications that are approved by the government.

This is excessive government intrusion into our private lives by a bureaucratic system out of control.

May 12, 2005


by Julian Pistorius

Here is a photo of a few of the people who guarded Orauta school last week. It is courtesy of The Bay Chronicle.

Orauta guards
(click on the image for a bigger version)

I am in the fluorescent yellow jacket in the back. The lady in front is the principal of the school. That is her house in the background. She has lived here for the last 17 years while serving as principal of Orauta. The house is on the community's land. The Teacher Housing division of Opus International has been put in charge of removing her from her house.

The name of the Opus person dealing with the case is Sharron M. Berry, Senior Portfolio Manager, Central Region/National Projects Manager for Teacher Housing. Phone 0800 663 836, fax (07) 838 9761, direct line (07) 834 1873 or email

I wonder if she knows of Opus' Conduct and Ethics policy: "Opus' extensive track record is built on a code of employee conduct and sound professional ethics". I wonder if she thinks evicting the school's teachers under orders from this Government is an example of "sound professional ethics"?

Ms Berry passes the buck to Brian Mitchell, Property Implementation Manager at the Ministry of Education on (04) 463 8285 or

P.S. Don't you just love the titles they have?

May 9, 2005


by Julian Pistorius

The bureaucratic bullies in the Ministry of Brainwashing are trying to strong-arm the Orauta community in Northland. This is being done in an effort to enforce the closure of the small school there. However, the community is standing strong, teaching their children without government support.

This is the key - they have not asked for government support or sanction. This has really upset the socialists. They absolutely hate seeing people being independent and self-sufficient. Not to mention that without being dumbed down into homogenous, unquestioning servitude by a state curriculum, those kids might actually start questioning the status quo. Very dangerous!

Historically, the land belongs to the community, but the low-lifes hiding behind the ministry are trying to claim the school buildings. They have now contracted Opus, a private company, to do this part of their dirty work for them. The brainwashers are also threatening the parents of the children with lawsuits, because their children are attending an unregistered school.

Helen Hughes, Libertarianz candidate for Whangarei, and myself, being the candidate for Northland, visited Orauta School on the 21st of April. We wanted to let them know that they are not alone in their struggle for freedom and to see how we can help them.

Well, Hooch and I had a great time at Orauta School. We found some staunch people at the gate, protecting the school from being stolen by bureaucratic thieves during the holidays. We were warmly welcomed in the traditional fashion and we had a hearty lunch while we talked business.

They want to battle this on the basis of rangatiratanga. We told them that they will never have sovereignty of any meaningful or lasting kind without individual sovereignty. Moreover, you can never be independent if you want somebody else to fund your independence - it's a contradiction.

We also heard about some of the dirty tactics that the government have tried in their efforts to undermine this community. We have a prepared folder with copies of a lot of the documentation.

Now we know where they stand and they know where we stand. We can build on this foundation to cooperate in a combined attack on the government to protect the rights of these parents.

The editor of The Bay Chronicle, Keri Molloy, was there as well. She has been the lone voice in the media crying out against this injustice. She is the only journalist that they trust, as she is the only one who actually reports their side of the story as well.

She was under the impression that we were supposed to be a bunch of right wing conservatives, but she had changed her mind before we even opened our mouths - a right couple of hippies we must have looked. She interviewed us about why we were interested in this issue. She went away with some salient points about the rights of parents to teach their children what they believe in and the evils of state education. She took a photo of a few of us and there was an article in The Bay Chronicle about the event.

I would like to thank Hooch. The extra body there, her moral support, common sense, sincerity and her genuine sympathy for people was wonderful to have. Also thanks to Peter Cresswell and Tim Wikiriwhi for all their advice. Thanks especially to Peter Osborne, our education spokesman, for driving this important issue, which he feels so strongly about.

For background information, read these press releases by Peter Osborne:

Dear fellow lovers of liberty, this is a crucial battle in reclaiming our own freedoms and those of our children. State education is the linchpin of government control over us. Without government control over education, more people might actually start thinking for themselves! That would be a huge blow to the meddling nanny state and the bullying bureaucrats in this country.

Please, we need your help! Talk to friends, family and as many people as you can about this issue and tell them why you think this is important. Ring talkback radio. Write letters to the editors of newspapers. Write letters to the Ministry of Miseducation and to Opus (Teacher Housing division) telling them how disgusted you are with them.

Personally I have volunteered to help stand guard at the school to relieve some of the diligent people there. When, in due course, they realise that the tax-sponsored rangatiratanga approach is unworkable and unfair, I hope that they will remember those radical Libertarianz people who helped fight for their rights: the guy on the scooter and the eccentric artist, who kept telling them that true sovereignty lies in self-responsibility, small government and individual rights.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about this or want to be kept updated with the latest events: or 021 377 454.


by Julian Pistorius

Below is an email I sent to Ken Brown, chairman of the Orauta School board, and Keri Molloy, editor of The Bay Chronicle, the day after our first meeting:

Dear Ken,

It was wonderful meeting you, the parents, the teachers and the children yesterday. Thank you very much for honouring us with such a wonderful welcome.

I hope that now that you have met us, you trust us a little bit more. We are sincere in our support of you. We believe that you have done nothing wrong and are being persecuted wrongly by the government.

At this stage you are probably still suspicious that we want to use you and this case for our own political gain and grand-standing, or even to get some maori votes. I wouldn't blame you for thinking this, as we all know how slimy and fake politicians are and that they have done this many times before. It's all a big popularity contest for them - "How can I make more people vote for me, even if I have to say something I don't really believe, and say different things to different people."

All I offer you is my word on my honour. I would personally support you in this case, even if I was not involved in the party, because I believe that there are some basic, very important principles at stake here. Secondly, the Libertarianz is not your average political party. :) We do not want to get into parliament by vote-buying or popularity contest. We despise the game of politics just like most people I speak to.

We are not doing this for the votes. For one, we are not standing for the maori seats, and we never will, because we believe that it is wrong to separate the country by race. Secondly, most middle-class New Zealanders probably will not raise an eyebrow if the government succeeds in this action, because it is happening to a small group of people somewhere in the sticks, and they simply do not see how it applies to them. Be sure, we are not going to get votes out of middle-class New Zealanders for this, quite the contrary, in fact. So, why are we doing this, I am sure you are wondering?

Well, as we keep saying, we are the only party to fight consistently for the freedoms of individuals in New Zealand. There are many people in this country who are having their rights violated by government after government: Small communities like yourself, gun-owners, farmers, businessmen, people who want to use drugs, and many others. The problem is, they are all minorities. Even though everybody is part of some minority group, nobody cares that the rights of other minority groups are being violated, only about the rights of their own minority group. What we want to do is make people see the common theme - that the current system is allowing the violation of people's rights.

What we want to achieve here is to make people realise something important. We are all connected as a society. If the freedoms of one small part of our society is attacked, we all have to stand up for their rights, even if we don't necessarily agree with everything that they are doing. This is the way these governments operate: They attack small groups at a time, hoping that nobody outside the small community will care enough to make too much fuss. I want to make people realise that if the government takes away your freedom to run your own school without government interference, then we have all lost a bit of freedom.

So, though we don't believe in everything that you do and how you are going about it, we don't believe the government is right in what it is trying to do. We want to make people everywhere realise what is happening to you and make them realise how this affects all of us.

Now, my advice is the following: If you want true independence, you need to cut yourselves off from the state completely. He who holds the purse-strings holds the power; and if the state is strong enough to give you what you want, it is strong enough to take it away. You are, of course, free to follow it or not, however you wish; it is just my advice.

I want the state to leave you in peace and to give you the land and buildings, instead of persecuting innocent parents and trying to evict you. When you own the land, in the sense of a proper private property title, you would have other funding options open to you and would not need the state at all. Until then, we have to stop this persecution by the government.

I don't believe that some of your long-term plans are just, as you are probably aware by now. For that reason, we can not make this fight completely our own. So, it is your fight - we can only advise and support you where we can, on the points that we agree on. At the same time we will continue to make a lot of noise about this from a libertarian perspective and make as many people as possible aware of this terrible injustice against you.

To summarise, what is important to remember here is that we have to help your community fight to keep your school. I keep coming back to the picture of the caring parents I met yesterday. Your only crime is taking responsibility for your children's education. How twisted a society are we living in that people who take responsibility are punished? We would be shamed if we left this injustice go unchallenged.

So, now you know what our real motives are. Yes, they are selfish motives, because we believe that in fighting for your freedoms, we are fighting for our own freedom as well.

Julian Pistorius

May 8, 2005


by Helen Hughes

Orauta School has been closed by the Government Department of Education. The community of Orauta however, wish their school to remain open.

The school board of trustees is not asking for government funding, it is just asking that the Department of Education leave them alone.

The government is using bullying bureaucratic stand over tactics, plus bribery and fear in its attempt to force this community to close their school. The Department of Education has now resorted to penalizing the community by charging them $1000 per day for trespassing.

The Government is persecuting this community for accepting the responsibility for the education of their own children! ANZAC soldiers fought and died defending this country against the tyranny that was threatening to overtake the free world. Fascism and Nazism, i.e. National Socialism.

With the recent ANZAC Day ceremonies, we have remembered, and reflected upon the lives, and deaths, of the brave men and women who went to battle against a great evil.

These people paid the greatest possible price to protect the freedoms of all New Zealand citizens, that we may live free of government persecution and dictatorship.