September 7, 2005


by Helen Hughes
Watching the recent election circus on National television, I can only marvel at the political propaganda machine now cranked up to roll out its "warm fuzzies", about how great this country is, how well this government is governing, and how deeply the Nanny State cares for all New Zealanders. How it plans to continue in its caring stance has had me close to dry retching! What hypocritical hog-wash! What deceitful "advertising" and campaigning.

In forcing the closure of small rural schools up and down the country, this government has hit at the very heart of families and communities in New Zealand. Hit at the very heart of those whom the State professes to care for so profoundly!

The Orauta community is one of the casualties of this enforced closure of country schools. The rights of individuals at Orauta school have been totally removed by our current political system, violating one of the most important basic principles of a free and civilised society. That is, the right of parents to choose the education they wish for their own children.

The Ministry of Education and its demands to close, de-register, empty and relocate the school the teachers and students of Orauta is completely contrary to the choices and rights of the parents and families concerned. The teachers at Orauta are highly qualified and the pupils who have been forced to go to other schools have proved to be of a standard of learning higher than most the same age. The school is not using government funds to operate and the teachers and Board of Trustees just want the government to leave them alone. The school is on their own land, which was given to the Crown for that specific purpose. They wish the school to remain open and to continue the education of their children without government interference.

On the afternoon of April 21st I walked onto the grounds of Orauta school for the first time. There was a certain sense of gravity surrounding the occasion. Julian Pistorius and I were there as representatives of the Libertarianz Party to give our support to the parents and teachers of Orauta in their stand against this government system that has brutishly trampled on their rights. The Libertarianz believe the government should not be controlling the education system nor forcing government standards and curricula upon parents who want to accept responsibility for the manner in which their children are educated.

We were standing together at the "coal face", on the "front line" of an ongoing fight against government tyranny, and the site certainly had the appearance of being prepared for the battle. Bureaucrats are using bribery, fear and force against this community in their efforts to close the school down.
The school gates were locked and the grounds patrolled by volunteers who ensured the security of the school twenty-four hours a day. Orders of trespass had already been served to the school Board of Trustees and bureaucratic bullies would have no qualms about moving in and locking the children and teachers out of the school if it was left unoccupied.

There was a makeshift "bivouac" set up outside the school gates for the parents, friends and family members to share as they maintained their vigil night and day. A tent, hay bales, some chairs and a brazier fire. The brazier had been kept burning during all the months of protest as a symbol of constancy, as well as a source of warmth for those who kept the watch, braving cold and often very wet weather.

I was feeling a bit out of my depth (and wearing the mantle of "politician" a little uncomfortably) on this, my first visit to Orauta, as we were formally greeted and welcomed onto the grounds of the school in the manner of traditional Maori culture and protocol. My discomfort was quickly removed by our shared genuine concerns with those who spoke of their grievances against the government and the warmth and generosity of the people we met that afternoon. In the months since then it has been a great privilege to get to know the parents and families who are involved in the school and a rich personal experience to have been working and teaching there myself. Breaking the government chains that bind and shape the minds of children and continuing to keep the school open against such great odds has made Orauta school a very special place of learning, for teachers and pupils alike.

In the months since then, sitting in the school's "staff room" with parents and teachers, with steaming cups of tea and platters of wonderful food produced magically by caring family members, we have dared to dream that the day will come when New Zealand children will be free to learn and reach their full potential without the poisonous political indoctrination and the social engineering that is the existing government education system.

Trevor Mallard and his Ministry of Education's appalling policy to close so many rural schools similar to Orauta has been the death knell for a number of small communities and a triumph for the government run system of education. A system designed to churn out a robotic, non thinking population conditioned to accept government controls and state supremacy. While up here in Northland recently, Helen Clark was asked about the situation at Orauta and stonily answered "The decision will not be revisited."

Is the destruction of communities, families and human potential this government's true agenda? Is this destruction of rights just "collateral damage" factored into the budget juggling without the true human cost registered as being of any real importance?

If some of our neighbours have their rights removed today and the rest of us remain silent, surely and silently our rights will be removed tomorrow.

So, all you good people, stir yourselves, take action and stop this evil in its tracks! Vote Libertarianz in this coming election to get schools out of the clutches of the bureaucrats and back into the hands of parents.Vote Libertarianz and show this government that New Zealanders have had enough of immoral bureaucratic interference, bureaucratic bullying and the persecution of innocent people.

Arohanui to the wonderful Whaea and all the true heroes at Orauta school who continue to stand strong and resolute against this injustice. In working to reclaim the responsibility for the education of their children, reclaim their school and reclaim control of their lives from the clutches of the Nanny State these people fight not only for their own rights but for the rights of all New Zealanders.

"All that is essential for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke.1729-97)
Posted 9 years, 4 months ago on September 7, 2005
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Re: Statists
Beautifully said, Helen. And it needs to be said and said and said until one day, the numbers of people hearing will outnumber those who would stop us! From one freedom-lover to another, I salute you!
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